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    To give to every member of Living Ventures a subconscious understanding of the foundation of their professional role, thus allowing all conscious thought to be focused on a personalised approach to customer awareness and interaction.

    It still holds true now.

    Not only can every single member of staff recite this word for word, they also have an inherent understanding of what it means and how to apply it.

    Tim Bacon
    1964 – 2016

    Be yourself, be the best

    Our training programmes offer the opportunity to become a leader in your field.

    We give you the tools to carve a career for yourself and do your job without even thinking. It’s inbuilt, intuition, in your subconscious, in your very being. Our training is renowned and respected in the industry and beyond. We have expert teams to train you in every aspect of our company. Now, nobody said it’s going to be easy. The Karate Kid had to polish a lot of cars and paint a fair few fences before he was any good. But, the hard work pays off.


    We’re always on the hunt for wonderful people with brilliant personalities. If you can remain fun, friendly and calm under pressure then you’ll fit right in. You’ll be part of Living Ventures and join our ever growing family of award winning and iconic bars, restaurants and pubs.